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Farriers Depot Shark Wheel System for Horseshoeing Boxes

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Farriers Depot Shark Wheel System
Farriers Depot Shark Wheel SystemFarriers Depot Shark Wheel System on Cobra and Yoder Farrier BoxeslGrip Ring Stem on a Shark WheelShark Wheels on Cobra and Yoder Farrier BoxesPurple Shark Wheel with 3/8" Stem System for Far
Price: $119.00
Manufacturer: Farriers Depot
Part #: SWH38

Product Options

Set of 4:


If you want to combine 2 different colors, please specify color combo like this RED/BLACK. Choose favorite color in drop down. We will adjust order to 2 colors in back office.
How did you hear about these wheels?
Why does our new Shark Wheel System make your job easier?

The width of the wheel is increased, but the friction is decreased. The sine wave design of the wheel provides 3 lip surfaces giving you the best lateral grip out there. When you wan to slide your farrier box, they break away easily moving closer or further away from the horse quietly and smoothly.

The wave pattern design allows for a thin contact patch touching the ground and therefore less friction, meaning your wheels move where you WANT them to go. Less tipping.

The alternating pattern of grooves changes the hydroplaning of mud, sand, gravel, or rough surfaces by channeling it away from the surface of the wheel.  YOU  get a firmer contact patch with the ground. Just keep rolling your horseshoeing box where you need it.

The young horses, you work around, won't even notice the sound of your box rolling down the aisle. Safer enviroment for you.

3/8 Stem fits most screw in wheel systems found in Yoder, Stonewell, Bayhorse, Patriot, GFS, or similiar style boxes
Grip rings are for those pop in wheel systems like a Cobra Horseshoeing Box

Current Colors: black, clear, purple, green, red, orange, blue

You can pick all one color for $119 using the drop down box or 2 colors.  See drop down and personaliztion questions for how to select your colors.

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