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How to Measure for Horse Hoof Boots

  • After a fresh trim, measure the width of the hoof across the bottom at the widest point. Measure the length of the hoof from the toe to the buttress line of the heel. The buttress line is the farthest weight bearing point of the heel where the hoof wall ends. Do not include the heel bulbs in the measurement.

  • Compare your measurement with the appropriate size chart from the manufacturer.
  • Ideally, the length and width measurement will fit into the same size. If the length and width measurements indicate different sizes, select the larger size. If the width and length measurements are different by more than one size, your selected boot style is not recommended.  (If you are fitting an Easyboot Glue-On or Glove, width and length must fall into the same size category.)  Look at a different boot choice for a better fit. 
  • The boots should fit snug with no gaps or voids, so a larger boot in the wrong shape will not work in the long run.
    The key to hoof boot success is fit, fit, fit!! 
    Use these easy instructions on how to measure your horses feet.  You want a snug fit that doesn't have any voids or gaps.  Before a boot is tightened the fit should be snug.  Some hoof types do not fit into boots well.  A hoof with excessive flare, long heels, club foot, high heels, or a foot that has been injured causing an irregular shape is not a good candidate for equine boots.
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