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Baby Glue On Shoes

3rd. Millenium (was Ibex) Baby-Cuff. The Universal Foal Shoe for use in Treatment of Foal Deformities. For Correction of Lower Limb Alignment in Young Horses. Lateral, Medical, Toe to Heel Extensions.
There are also some aluminum glue on corrective foal shoe options, for farriers and Veterinarians that who prefer to go that route.
Baby Flippers are Reversible and Designed to be Glued or Nailed on. Caution - to be used by a Hoofcare Professional Only. Misuse can cause Injury or Excessive Strain to Tendons and Ligaments. to 1-3 weeks maximum application. Flippers are Sold as eaches, not pairs. Available in Medial/Lateral extensions or Anterior/Posterior extension.
the 3rd Millennium, Babi-Cuffs ( formerly IBEX )
the 3rd Millennium, Babi-Cuffs ( formerly IBEX ) Four cuffs in one. Use nippers and rasp to remove the extensions that are not required.
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Dalric Heel Extension
Price: $58.86
Dalric Heel Extension
Use for foals for with weak flexors.The Nanric Heel Extension is easy to apply, has dramatic results, prevents crushed heels, prevents the usual heel bruises and abscesses, and establishes proper joint alignment. These shoes are sold only in pairs.
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