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Aluminum Bar Shoes

A great variety of aluminum bar shoes. You may prefer to work certain brands or you may be looking for the best fit for a particular horse. The GOOD brand are designed especially for the broader hooves and generally speaking JB (Joseph Brandeau) shoes fit narrower hooves without too much shaping.
Kerckhaert's Triumph has the side clips that are very popular and teh other popular clipped shoe is the Halverson. These also available with  a wedged bonded rim pad.
Long established manufacturer who keeps bringing newer styles to the market place whilst retaining the tried and tested shapes used for years.
Kerckhaert make these drop forged TRIUMPH shoes with clips that are very cost effective and are a popular shoe for horses in work and the show ring that can benefit from having a bar shoe fitted.
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Combination Bar Insert
Price: $14.99
Combination Bar Insert
size small and large
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