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Equine Boots

Equine boots or hoof boots are used for medical therapy, trail riding, endurance riding, multi-day hoof protection, hoof protection from a lost horse shoe, snow or muddy trail riding, driving, jumping, fox hunting, eventing, barrel racing or other western horse disciplines.
A proper fit is everything when it comes to equine boots.  A snug fit is essential to having success with equine boots like EasyBoots, Boa Horse Boots, Old Mac's hoof boots, Delta Hoof Boots, Castle Boots, Davis Boots, and Cavallo Horse boots.  Click here for how to measure your horse's feet for equine boots. 
We can help you find the right boot for your horse. has a huge selection of styles and sizes of equine boots in stock, ready to ship, and at guaranteed low prices!
Durable Boots for Riding any Kind of Trail Leading Brands and lesser known Brands are stocked
For use with medical treatments, soaks and hoof care regments. Some boots are suitable for limited turn out and others for stall rest situations
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Easyboot Cloud
Easyboot Cloud
Price: $92.99
Easyboot Cloud
The Easyboot Cloud provides instant and ongoing relief for horses suffering from chronic laminitits, founder, lameness and general lower limb or hoof problems. The boot can be used to aid movement and reduce recovery time after injury or surgery.
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