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Farrier Tools

Farrier tools for forge work and for trimming and fitting horse shoes. Look under "Forging Tools" in the left hand menu for items suitable for hot metal work.
Clinch cutters are used to straighten and cut the old clinches prior to pulling the shoe from the hoof. Clinch undercuts (gouges) are used to remove a tiny piece of hoof below the exit holes of nails just prior to clinching the new shoes.
Use a clincher to flatten tight clinches with very little effort. Our clinchers will work on high or low nails. Alligator, Curved Jaw, Straight, Saddlehorse, Farrier, and Gooseneck are some of the farrier clincher styles available at great prices.
Prime brands of hammers for the professional.
One of the best selections of driving hammers on the internet.
Good range of stands and prices aprox. between $60 and $300
Most testers are stainless steel but check individual descriptions
Selection of professional quality horse shoeing knives and various sharpeners.
A range of magnets for use on tool boxes, hoof stands, hammer handles, aprons etc. and for hooves
Nail Nippers or Nail Cutters. They are the same thing with different names. Check our selection and find the one that suites you.
Look for high quality materials, precise blades, and a comfortable grip when searching for an equine or cattle nipper.
When shopping for Pull-Offs look for balance, comfort, and sharpness in high quality steel tools.
Large rasp selection including the Vallorbe rasp from Switzerland
You will like the large selection of quality rounding and turning hammers.
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