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Horseshoes Steel

Farriers Depot has selected the most popular brands of steel horseshoes used in the USA by world recognized farriers: 
Kerckhaert, St.Croix, Grand Circuit, Natural Balance, Scott Colson, Anvil Brand, Equine, Diamond, Nordic, Rayguang, Mustad,etc.

Kerckhaert are probably the best known Horseshoe brand around the world. Good range of styles and also many Race and Aluminum option on our other pages.
Mustad horseshoes are designed and crafted according to two key principles: the best shoes for the horse and optimal ease of application for the blacksmith.
St. Croix Shoes
St. Croix Forge is the main producer of horseshoes for the North America. They focus mainly on the riding- and sport horse segments. The factory strategy is build upon three pillars namely; technical excellence, product development, and team work.
Egg,Straight, heart bar with a variety of toe styles.Some clipped and some unclipped. Various brands
Werkman are a Dutch Horseshoe Manufacturer That Have Been Supplying Shoes Into The American Market for Many Years.
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