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Liberty E Slim Horseshoe Nails

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Price: From $20.99 to $22.99
Manufacturer: Kerckhaert
Part #: LX

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E- Head Slim Nails By Liberty

E Head nails are a multi discipline nail and fit many types of horseshoes. The E Head fits into the fullering, "V" groove, of the concave profile. E Slim nails are similar to E Head nails but have a longer and thinner shank than regular E Head nails. Slim nails are often used for horses with thin hoof walls like thoroughbreds. When there is a slimmer shank, less damage to the hoof wall will occur when driving the nail into the hoof.  Also, a slimmer shank should reduce nail binds or nail pricks.

250 nails per box. 12 boxes per case.

If you want precise and consistent specifications, optimum clinching, and accurate bevels and points then choose Liberty nails.  Liberty Nails provide consistent driving and great results because they were designed by the leader in Horseshoes- Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company.

  • LE3=47.5mm
  • LE4=51mm
  • LE5=54mm
  • LE6=57.5mm

Liberty Nail Testimonials


“I really like the Liberty nails, they drive great and fit perfectly in the Kerckhaert shoes.” - Farrier from The Netherlands

“I love using the Liberty nails. I am really happy with the quality and consistency of the nails. They drive and finish nicely.” - Farrier from New York, USA

“The Liberty nails are the cleanest, most consistent nails I’ve ever driven. They drive right where I want them, every single time. No question.” - Farrier from Norway

“After getting a sample of the Liberty nails and giving them a try, they are the only nails I’ll use. They are a great nail.”Farrier from Japan

“I like the Liberty nails. I can feel the trademarked side and they drive true. I don't miss a beat with them.” - Farrier from Belgium

“I have had problems with another brand of nails in the past. They would buckle in driving and would not wring cleanly. These issues seem to have been addressed with the Liberty nail. I was looking for an alternative, and I will keep using the Liberty nails.” - Farrier from New Zealand

“I used a Kerckhaert DF shoe with Liberty nails. It was my first time to use the Liberty nails; I really liked them. Easy to drive, very little drag, and plenty of length.” - Vet/Farrier from Texas, USA

“Now the Liberty was a different story. That is a great nail. There is nothing that I don't like about it. Every Liberty nail that I have driven is beautiful.” - Farrier from Sweden

“Best nails I have ever driven. The points are consistently sharp, the drive is just right and they clinch well. Don't get me wrong, there are other good nails, I've used them for a number of years, but the Liberty nails- they are awesome.”Farrier from Canada

“I really liked these nails. They drove very smoothly and had a very nice finish to them!” - Farrier from France

“I just pulled a shoe after 6 weeks and the nails were still strong and holding the shoe well. At this time of the year many horses lose the shoes because they rust out or because of stomping flies, but these nails hold up really well.” -Farrier from Brazil

“I like everything about the nails. The consistent bevel, hitting, clinching, and it fits perfectly in the shoe.” - Farrier from UK

“I love the nails. They drive where you want them, and they’re very consistent. They are also great nails for students.”Farrier from Germany

“I really like the Liberty nails, these nails are by far the best nails on the market today, and every nail is the same, no surprises.” - Farrier from Australia

“I like the Liberty nails very much, they fit great in the shoes I use. The nails hold strong until I come back to pull the shoes.” - Farrier from Ireland

“Honestly this is likely the best nail I've ever used. They drive consistently, clinch great, and hold the shoes well. I'm using all Liberty now in my shoeing.” - Farrier from France

“I really like the way the nails drive, nice and high.” - Farrier from Dubai

“I am happy with Liberty nails. Very consistent. Fit in a variety of shoes and seat really well in the Triumph. I used another brand for years but they had some quality issues last year, and it was time for a change. I have been using the Liberty nails ever since.” - Farrier from Washington, USA

“I really like the Liberty nails. They drive good and clinch good. When I first used them I thought that somebody has finally come out with a good nail.” - Farrier from Finland

“Like the nails a lot. They drive where I want them to go, and the clinches are nice and strong. They will be my new nail of choice.” - Farrier from Spain

“The nail fit in the shoe is very good. The consistency of the nails is very good as well and the nail drive is excellent. The clinching is good too! These are my preferred brand of nails.” - Farrier from Canada

“I like the Liberty nails a lot. I bought two more cases since I tried them. They are working great.” - Farrier from Japan

“I absolutely love the nails. They seem to fit great in any shoe.” - Farrier from Australia

“The Liberty nails are very nice nails. They are very consistent and drive great. I have no complaints at all. I am now using them exclusively.” - Farrier from Singapore

“I really like the Liberty nails. They fit great in the shoes I use. I’ve continued to use them since I first tried them and I haven’t lost a single shoe.” - Farrier from Kentucky, USA

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