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Mustad horseshoes are designed and crafted according to two key principles: the best shoes for the horse and optimal ease of application for the blacksmith. For this reason, their range of products is very broad. Mustad horseshoes can be applied to suit practically all possible circumstances, from the physical condition of the horse to any local requirements. At Mustad Friesland, the factory, the objective is to deliver the best possible horseshoe. They work in a state-of-the-art production environment, ensuring that you can always rely on the precision and consistency of their horseshoes.
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Equi-Librium Aluminium Front Clipped
Price: From $13.05 to $14.22
Equi-Librium Aluminium Front Clipped
Enables a natural gait, reduces loading and improves balance. In tests, the Equi-Librium allows the horse to unroll his foot on average 33% more gradually compared to a standard shoe.
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