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Therapeutic Shoes

These shoe are made to help with hoof care problems i.e: Founder , chroinic lamness, ect.
The selection of therapeutic and corrective shoes and other related products for horse hoof and limb corrections can be found in these pages. Horseshoeing has changed in recent years and as such many products are required for doing the hoof care work required by farriers, horseshoers and veterinarians.
Hoof-care is more of an in depth study now that it ever had been. The results can be that may varieties of shoes and corrective devises are now on the market for the farriers convenience. Here we expect that you will be able to find all those products. 
Ibex, Grand Circuit, BabiCuff, Nanric
Nanric is owned by Dr. Ric and Nancy Redden, the former owners of Advance Equine and Kentucky Blacksmith Supply. Many innovative farrier tools are manufactured by Nanric.
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